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Feedback and Meaningful Conversations Are Everything During the Talent Process


If your organization is embarking on a talent management initiative of any size or scope with an objective of ensuring a robust pipeline of high potential leaders, one of the most critical questions to ask is: Are we an organization which understands how to…

Case Studies

Knowing How Isn’t Always Enough


Last November, I took a break and spent a (well-deserved if I do say so) vacation in Jamaica. While there, my wife and I went for a dive on one of the reefs off the coast of Negril. Despite being a proficient diver, having dove for many years in...


How Being Pregnant has Made Me a Better Leader


To kick it off, I want to admit, I’m a little hesitant to write a blog post about being pregnant. It feels immensely personal and a little voice inside of me keeps nagging at me, “oh don’t be that woman who gets pregnant and that's all she can talk about!"


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