Teck Resources

Leadership Development

The Challenge

Teck Resources, a Canadian metals and mining company, needed a leadership development strategy to manage their long-term growth strategy during a time of volatile and unpredictable markets. They strongly believed their people were the right ones to lead the charge and unify the corporate culture, particularly after a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Our Approach

We obtained the buy-in of stakeholders held a discovery process to find leadership learning needs and skills gaps. We formed an advisory group from departments across the organization to share the learnings and worked with operations to develop an implementation plan. The learning plan includes multiple experiential learning programs, leadership assessments and coaching. We continue to adapt the programs to ensure it remains relevant.

“Our goal was to integrate leadership development into day to day operations and create a “One Teck” mindset moving forward.” (Refinery)

The Results

The program significantly shifted Teck’s culture around leadership. Leaders embraced the new direction and are active learners. The positive changes have not only impacted the workplace, but also peoples’ personal lives.

Information Sharing

Because of more communication on-the-ground, an onsite physical training ground was created to train workers on equipment before actually being in the pit.

Unified Vision

Overall the program has created an enterprise-wide unified view of leadership at Teck and cemented the vision of “a good supervisor for everyone.”

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