Building a More Resilient and Engaged Workforce

The Better Boss is Refinery’s solution for organizations that need their leaders to show up with self-control, confidence and empathy in the workplace. The program is designed with a focus on two elements that are essential to mental wellness in the workplace: Psychological Resilience and Psychological Safety. Leaders will come away better equipped to cope with the pressures of their daily lives and capable of better leading themselves and others with a renewed sense of purpose, power and direction.

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The Power of Choice and The Power of Trust

The Better Boss is designed for every leader in an organization— whether they have a team reporting to them or not. This program consists of two modules: The Power of Choice and The Power of Trust. Each module is delivered over two consecutive full days with time in between to allow participants to immediately apply their learning. As with all Refinery programs, The Better Boss takes participants beyond cognitive understanding of leadership best practices and moves them to a place of real, sustainable shifts in behaviour. We do this by creating experiential sessions that shift peoples’ perspectives on how they are showing up, and create space for deep discussion and practice.

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Who is this program for?

The Better Boss is the answer for organizations that want to create workplaces where resilience and psychological safety are the norm. Please get in touch with one of our experts for more information on how Refinery can help.

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