7 Signs of Misaligned Leadership Teams

In turbulent times, misaligned leadership teams steer in different directions, struggling with internal conflicts and wasted effort, leaving the organization confused and disheartened. Truly aligned leadership teams work together to foster a positive culture while steering toward common goals.
How aligned is your leadership team? Know and watch for the signs and symptoms of misalignment so you can do the important work of navigating toward alignment as a team, early and often.

Signs of Leadership Team Misalignment:
1. Slow, conflicted, or inconsistent decision-making, with individuals often pursuing different goals.
2. Conflicts are avoided, mishandled, or lead to prolonged disputes.
3. Responsibility and accountability is unclear or shirked. Blame culture prevails.
4. Activities are often scattered or misaligned. Focus is on individual, not shared, goals.
5. Stifled or unsupported innovation. Fear of failure exists, leading to stagnation and status quo.
6. Struggles with change, often resistant or slow to adapt, causing delays and inefficiencies.
7. Reactive or haphazard risk-taking, often leading to unforeseen challenges and unintended outcomes.

Leadership teams that learn how to navigate together, aligned to a shared horizon, significantly impact organizational culture and performance.

Work with Refinery
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