Professional Coaching Empowers Leaders – From the Inside Out

As a coach, I have the privilege of helping clients dig at issues until they uncover a truth that resolves more than the issue itself. This happened this week. For this client, the solution was right there. I could see it in the back of his eyes. But it was evasive, shoved aside repeatedly by the chaos and complexity that is a senior leader’s reality. The issue he brought to our coaching session was not my focus. It was that fleeting answer he couldn’t quite get a hold of. That was where my curiosity moved toward.   Once he uncovered that gem, with the help of my deep listening and curious questions, he uncovered the root cause of his issue, which helped him solve several more issues that plague most leaders: 

  • How to balance long-term planning with short-term pressures. 
  • How to lead from his best self, rather than his stressed self. 
  • How to leverage his past wins to let go of the fear of dropping a ball (because he will). 
  • How to self-organize in a way that builds progress and momentum. 
  • How to be fully present in the moment with his kids and spouse. 

This is what makes coaching remarkable – what clients think is magic. The work of a Professional Coach is to see the inner resources of the client and help draw it out – for the sake of their most impactful and sustainable leadership.  Our conversation lasted 30 minutes. Afterward, I offered some observations and even a bit of advice, but that was mostly lost on him. What gave him power was from within. I’ve no doubt his organization will see a shift in his energy and impact, starting right then. And his kids will get their dad’s full and grateful presence.   ***  Refinery Leadership Coachingis a collaborative, personalized and strategic process that empowers leaders to:   

  • Accelerate and sustain their development and growth, optimizing specific areas of performance.   
  • Sharpen current leadership behaviours and grow the capabilities needed for the future.   
  • Increase their self-awareness and resilience.
  • Navigate the complexities of organizational life in uncertain times.    

 We’ve spent more than 20 years partnering with thousands of leaders and organizations across many industries to improve the performance of leaders and teams.       Ask about our 3-MONTH POST-LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATORS COACHING PROGRAMSOR our customized 3, 6 or 12 month programs.     Contact us! Take the next step towards future-proofing your leadership. Request a consultation here.   

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