Leadership Coaching: An Essential Element for Your Development Strategy

Leadership coaching is the secret sauce that elevates the leadership development strategy, not as a replacement but as an indispensable partner to existing developmental efforts. This approach recognizes that coaching bridges the gaps in between, offering individualized support that seamlessly complements ongoing development endeavours. Among many potential outcomes, leadership coaching provokes: 

  • Personalized Growth: Leadership coaching customizes development to address individual needs and challenges.
  • Feedback Integration: Coaches help leaders blend feedback from various sources into targeted improvements.
  • Skills Amplification: Coaching reinforces practical application of leadership skills learned in training.
  • Real-World Solutions: Coaches assist in navigating challenges and solving complex leadership problems.
  • Accountability and Progress: Leadership coaching ensures leaders set and achieve meaningful development goals. 

Coaching individualizes development, addressing the unique needs and challenges of each leader, areas that large-group programs may overlook. Coaching integrates feedback, harmonizing assessments, reviews, and peer insights with broader development strategies. It reinforces leadership skills, bridging the gap between concepts and real-world application within a leader’s role.  

Coaches navigate the turbulent waters of practical problem-solving, providing additional support to traditional development. They ensure accountability, making sure leaders not only set goals but follow through with meaningful progress. With the assurance of professional confidentiality, leaders can delve into their deepest doubts, fostering trust and vulnerability. 

Leadership coaching isn’t a one-time intervention but a continuous growth process. In essence, it’s the art of acceleration, making development richer, more individualized, and seamlessly woven into the fabric of your leadership strategy. 


Refinery Leadership Coaching is a collaborative, personalized and strategic process that empowers leaders to: 

  • Accelerate and sustain their development and growth, optimizing specific areas of performance. 
  • Sharpen current leadership behaviours and grow the capabilities needed for the future. 
  • Increase their self-awareness and resilience.  
  • Navigate the complexities of organizational life in uncertain times.  

We’ve spent more than 20 years partnering with thousands of leaders and organizations across many industries to improve the performance of leaders and teams.   

Ask about our 3-MONTH POST-LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ACCELERATORS COACHING PROGRAMS OR our customized 3, 6 or 12 month programs. 

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