An alternative approach to developing leaders

Sometimes organizational life only allows for small injections of learning

Large cohort-based, multi-day leadership sessions are not for every organization.  An alternative exists.

Our small group leader development program is an ROI-driven, strategic intervention for improving organizational performance by engaging leaders to build the self-awareness and leadership skills needed to positively impact people and business outcomes through targeted small group coaching sessions.

Program Overview

This program supports the development of leaders with bite size learning segments facilitated by an experienced executive coach. Sessions are designed to engage small groups in learning critical leadership concepts and apply the concepts back at the workplace. Our modules set out dedicated content that is foundational for leadership development. The coach supports the learning by engaging in the lived and learned experiences of those in the group through an inquiry-based learning approach.  The facilitator as coach also enables the participants to determine “the so what” for themselves and the business and commit to tangible actions as a result of the learning.

Each Module has six 90-minute sessions.  Module 1 is a pre-requisite for other modules.  The focus for each module is noted below.

Module 1: Leadership Presence

Sessions are designed to equip leaders with an understanding of how their emotional and social skills along with their values, personal stories and daily reactions impact their leadership presence.

Leaders work individually and collectively through the results of an Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi 2.0) and learn how their strengths, personal stories, and daily reactions impact their leadership presence.​

Session Topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence​
  • Unconscious Values​
  • Leveraging Strengths​
  • The Brain at Work​
  • Subjective Experience​
  • A Leader’s Mindset

Module 2: Exceptional Relationships

Leaders work collectively and individually to deepen their awareness of others and develop the skills necessary to lead people effectively. Skill development includes empathy, listening and the ability to coach others.

Session Topics:

  • DEI​
  • Empathy​
  • Listening​
  • Curiosity​
  • The coach-approach​
  • Belief in Others

Module 3: Inspiring Teams

Leaders work collectively and individually to understand what it takes to lead a high- performance team. The leader becomes equipped to understand how their own behaviour influences team effectiveness and develops the ability to inspire new team behaviors.

Session topics:

  • High Performance Teams​
  • Building Trust​
  • Navigating Conflict​
  • Balancing Voices​
  • Getting Buy In​
  • Getting Results

Module 4: Strategic Leadership

Leaders work collectively and individually to understand how to navigate a changing and complex world.  Sessions focus on the leader’s ability to focus on what matters most and what it takes to adapt and move change through organizations. 

Session Topics:

  • Good Strategy​
  • Understand your environment​
  • Seeing Systems​
  • Effective Decision Making​
  • Influencing Change​
  • The Human Side of Change​

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