3 Aspects of Internal and External Team Alignment

Alignment doesn’t happen by accident. It requires deliberate and sustained practices built into how a leadership team operates. Much of the work we do with intact leadership teams is about bringing awareness to the root causes of misalignment and helping the team commit to collectively aligning their practices for the sake of cohesion and clarity.

We can look at team alignment in two ways: internal alignment (cohesion within) and external alignment (coordination beyond).

Aspects of Internal Team Alignment
1. Interpersonal Alignment: Consistent practices for team dynamics and interactions.
2. Communication Alignment: Standardized language and messaging.
3. Goal Alignment: Unified understanding of objectives and motivations.

Aspects of External Team Alignment
1. Vision and Mission Alignment: Plans that resonate with the organization’s aspirations.
2. Stakeholder Alignment: Synchronized with market, industry, and stakeholders.
3. Cultural Alignment: Core values embodied in every action.

Leadership teams that learn how to synchronize internal and external aspects of their leadership positively impact organizational culture and performance.
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