Leadership Development in Small Groups – Real-Time, Focused Development That is Accessible to Everyone

While multi-day leadership development sessions with large cohorts have long been a standard method of professional development, they simply aren’t for every organization. Professional development in smaller groups led by an experienced executive coach has been shown to be just as effective in helping organizations develop their leaders. Here are a few reasons why it works and when your leaders should opt for this method:    

It’s personal 

While there is a curriculum to help guide the group’s learning, most of the time spent in the small group sessions are focused on discussing particular lived experience or challenges of the participants. This gives them the opportunity to work together and learn from each other to bring solutions back to the workplace.  

It helps to develop networks  

Professional development through small group coaching allows participants to develop a network of support and encouragement with other leaders facing similar situations.    

As they learn and work to solve problems together, they build meaningful, trusted relationships that are critical to their development as authentic, effective leaders. Additionally, being part of a small group means being accountable to the rest of the group for commitments and personal development goals. 

It focuses on the most important skills 

Small group leader development can help leaders develop important leadership skills like leadership presence, effective communication and building solid team relationships. The modules are designed to help everyone in the session learn, grow and become better leaders to help support the goals of the organization. And—because the participants are bringing their real issues and challenges to the sessions, the learning is customized to the group’s specific needs. 

It’s accessible…and affordable 

Many organizations simply can’t afford to engage in a customized, large-scale leadership development approach. Or—their leaders simply aren’t able to commit to spending multiple consecutive days in learning sessions. Small group leadership development can fit within many learning and development budgets, and the sessions can be structured to fit within the busy schedules of your leaders. Sessions can be monthly, bi-weekly, or whichever works best for a particular group.  

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