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Based in Vancouver, we're an international leadership development firm that helps our clients uncover their real leaders.

Being a real leader means you have to figure out how to innovate, engage, inspire and achieve…every day. Now, this is where we shine. We know things you don’t, see things you can’t, and say things others won’t. We get under your skin and develop a unique program that helps you become that real leader, and get real results, every single day.

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Extracting the Real Leaders

Faced with volatile markets and immense change, this mining organization needed strong leadership to unify the corporate culture and manage a long-term growth strategy. We worked across the organization to develop a custom leadership development program that united the culture and created a growth vision embraced by all.


Santander Chile

Investing in Real Change

An international financial organization needed employees to embrace the vision of a new CEO. We provided change management training to their HR team and worked with 600 employees to define what the vision meant to them.


VP, Community Relations

Uncovering the Real Issues

The senior leader of a mining company needed to gain the trust of an entire town to re-open an abandoned mine. We coached the leader how to inspire trust, which led to the town agreeing to restart the mine.


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Shedding the Corporate Armour—Part Three: Outgrowing Your Suit of Steel

Okay, let me set the record straight here. Despite my experiences of being blatantly (and sometimes subversively) mistreated, overlooked, harassed and otherwise not treated as an equal to my male counterparts at work over the years...


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Knowing How Isn’t Always Enough

Last November, I took a break and spent a (well-deserved if I do say so) vacation in Jamaica. While there, my wife and I went for a dive on one of the reefs off the coast of Negril. Despite being a proficient diver, having dove for many years in...


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How Being Pregnant has Made Me a Better Leader

To kick it off, I want to admit, I’m a little hesitant to write a blog post about being pregnant. It feels immensely personal and a little voice inside of me keeps nagging at me, “oh don’t be that woman who gets pregnant and that's all she can talk about!"