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Refinery Leadership – Learning the Recipe of Refinery’s Secret Sauce

When Rhonda Gorman first joined the Refinery team from Calgary, Alberta in February 2019 in a business development role, she wasn’t sure if she had made the right decision or not. Of course, she knew of Refinery, but like many others that she now comes in contact with on a daily basis, she didn’t yet understand the full extent of how Refinery was different. Rhonda would learn that it would take her close to a year to really understand the ‘secret sauce’ that made Refinery Leadership such a powerful resource for business executives. We recently spoke with Rhonda to learn more about her experience with Refinery.


Effective Leadership During Times of Uncertainty

Over the past few weeks, change has occurred rapidly and drastically. As a leader, engagement with your teams might be one of the few things our employees can depend on to guide them through their days. Now more than ever, we must remember the fundamentals of effective leadership as we transition through these uncertain times.


Shedding the Corporate Armour—Part One

It was May of 1985. I had just finished my last final exam during my third year of undergrad, and had heard back from my internship coordinator that I was scheduled for my first interview for a professional internship at the Marine Bank Corporation…


Sometimes You Just Need to Get Punched

I love this excerpt from a recent New York Times interview with Amy Schumer where she was asked: “What’s the best book you’ve ever received as a gift?” Whether you like her comedy or not, her reference to The Professional pulls out an inherent truth…