Refinery is looking for a full-time Program Coordinator to join our growing Consulting Team in our Vancouver head office. The Program Coordinator will, on behalf of their clients, ensure successful delivery of client-facing and in-house programs and events anywhere in the world where we do business.

Who and What is Refinery?

We’re an international leadership development consulting firm that brings a dose of reality to our clients. Our bold approach to leader development is a cross-pollination of academic research, behavioural principles, customized learning experiences and our deep understanding of human behaviour. We are a highly skilled, incredible group of people that share a natural curiosity and passion for our work, and a desire to develop our clients and ourselves. We know that most people don’t unleash their full potential because they are unable or even afraid to dig deep and challenge their own perceptions and beliefs. We help people to reveal their true selves because we know that real, sustainable change and growth can happen only through exposing ourselves. We do this for personal reasons: We believe that everyone has a better, healthier, stronger version of themselves that is just waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

Reality Check!

Those who have observed the way we work, as well as those who have experienced the fruits of that labour would describe what we do at Refinery as fun – and they would not be wrong! It is, however, important for us to stress how seriously we take this work and the level of commitment required to design, develop, and deliver learning that has a real impact. In other words, we run a very tight ship in order to pull it all off so that it does appear seamless and fun! A critical part of being committed to ‘the work’ means living it personally, which is not for the faint of heart. Living our work means acknowledging that we’re all human and imperfect; it means holding yourself accountable for ongoing personal development; being open to stretching outside of your comfort zone in service of growth; giving and receiving regular feedback; nurturing curiosity; and always welcoming diverse perspectives – be it in a formal meeting or your inner monologue.

The Role

  • Proactively liaise with clients and their team members to be sure expectations are set and met, and that their programs are successful
  • Manage logistics such as event planning, materials procurement and production, shipping and a million other details that will contribute to a five-star client experience
  • Manage program schedules, resourcing, consultant work orders and invoices and client contracts
  • Travel outside of Vancouver may be required infrequently to assist with onsite event coordination and support
  • Travel within downtown Vancouver to investigate venues, shop for supplies and attend client meetings will be required
  • Packing, lifting, and carrying items that weigh up to 25 lbs without assistance will be required in this role
  • Work closely with our team to plan, communicate, and execute projects not only within budgets and timeline but with impeccable quality and level of service
  • Ensure accurate and timely development of all technical support requirements to support best-in-class virtual facilitation
  • Contribute to the ongoing enhancement of virtual program design, development, and delivery
  • Support the development of outstanding facilitation-ready visual aids and supplementary documents
  • Coordinate, pilot and adapt new virtual program experiences as required
  • Provide support to facilitators during virtual workshops on platforms such as Zoom, Webex, and Teams (i.e. breakout rooms, file transfer, etc).

Keys to Success

  • Two to four years’ experience in a similar role, preferably doing client-facing project work
  • Client-focused – you have experience delivering exceptional service
  • Detail-oriented – your attention to detail is scary good; you literally think of everything
  • Tech savvy and very comfortable with Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Teams, Webex and Zoom
  • Highly adaptable and can excel in ambiguity
  • Committed to continued learning for your own development and in service of improving our programs.
  • Able to manage and deliver on multiple priorities within challenging and changing time frames
  • Above all else, holds themselves accountable
  • “Can-do,” proactive attitude; you’ll take the initiative to get stuff done
  • Organized, for yourself and for the benefit of others
  • Great teammate – you’ll pitch in to help others to achieve team goals
  • Besides excellent written/spoken English, written/spoken French and/or Spanish would be fantastic.
  • You learned about what we do, how we do it and who we are by checking out our website at refineryleadership.com.

What We Can Promise You

  • Challenging work that delivers game-changing results for our clients
  • Opportunity to learn and grow in the company and to help others do the same
  • A collaborative, friendly, supportive, and fun group of co-workers
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Competitive compensation and benefits including an open vacation policy, performance bonus program, and a variety of miscellaneous perks (i.e. company retreats, summits, optional daily workouts, lunch games, coffee chats, office snacks etc.)


Tell us about yourself in a cover letter that accompanies your resume – please don’t skip this part but do feel free to think outside the CV template! If you’re in need of a little inspiration, consider responding to the following question(s):

  • Tell us about a memorable learning experience that you can recall, that’s resulted in a perspective/behaviour shift for you. What was it about that experience that was so memorable? What has been the impact of that learning on your personal or professional life?
  • What’s something you think you would like to practice doing (more of, less of, or differently) in service of your own development?
    • Be thoughtful with this one. If you end up on the team, we’ll be holding you accountable. We take this s*** very seriously!
  • What does great leadership look like to you? If you had a magic wand and could instill one quality in all leaders so the world could be a better place, what ONE quality would that be?


Refinery believes inclusion enables diversity to thrive and believes that diversity in all its forms adds value to Refinery and its stakeholders. Folks with diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and different perspectives are strongly encouraged to apply. Also, while we’d love to chat with everyone, please note that we will only follow up with candidates who have the relevant skills and experience to be successful in this role. 


Thanks for applying to careers@refineryleadership.com!

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