Diversity & Inclusion for the Mining Sector

Leadership Development

This mining organization had been working on 3-year project plan, that began with gender only, then expanded to all underrepresented groups.  With a focus on some quick wins at all sites they identified some policy pieces that needed to be strengthened as well as a policy to attract and retain. They created work groups at all sites, appointed a DEI Executive champion – CFO, and then focused on awareness with unconsciousness bias training.​

The next phase for the organization was to work toward creating the environment to allow people to speak up, and for those to receive it. For our sponsor, it was important for the Executive team to understand why this would matter and how this would support the business. ​

Following a Discovery Process where we spoke with various stakeholders we created a session with an intention of engaging the Executive Team in dialogue with respect to:​

  • People & Systems (the WHY – Diversity & Equity) ​
  • Strategic Perspectives (the WHAT – Frameworks in use)​
  • Psychological Safety (the HOW – the starting place for Inclusion​

It was important for the Executive to understand the purpose was to enable them as an Executive Team to learn and question together.​

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