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We're an international leadership development consulting firm that brings a dose of reality to our clients.

We believe there are no checklists or PowerPoints that can solve serious problems. The work we do makes you look deep into who you are and why you do what you do. We put you to work and get your hands dirty. We uncover what's holding you back, then build you back up. And then we use these insights to create a customized plan that changes your life and your work.

Get real with your people.

Our custom-designed leadership coaching and development programs create adaptable leaders, connected teams and get people to care about their work.
Refinery’s personalized executive coaching service not only develops leaders personally and professionally, but also enhances productivity and improves business results.
We have a strategic planning framework that creates a clear, proactive plan with achievable goals. When everyone understands the direction and owns the plan, profitability increases.
Our innovation specialists motivate organizations to solve problems creatively, leading to increased collaboration, revenue growth, and a distinct market position.
We create tailored change management training plans that drive positive organizational shifts, business growth and a sense of personal ownership.
Our team development programs help people get on the same page and trust each other, which results in effective teams, a sense of ownership, and reduced costs.
Refinery’s leading-edge diversity and inclusion training encourages emotionally intelligent leaders who understand how to unlock potential, setting you apart from the competition.

Our Leadership Development Consultants


We’re a team of highly skilled, diverse leadership development consultants with decades of expertise from around the world. We share a natural curiosity, passion for our work, and a desire to develop our clients. We’re always learning, evolving and sharing.

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Shedding the Corporate Armour—Part Two: Casting the Armour

In my previous article, I examined the ways in which I used my business clothing—suits and other androgynous and stiff business attire—to gain access to a fairly male-dominated, conservative work world.


IN Opinions
Feedback and Meaningful Conversations Are Everything During the Talent Process

If your organization is embarking on a talent management initiative of any size or scope with an objective of ensuring a robust pipeline of high potential leaders, one of the most critical questions to ask is: Are we an organization which understands how to…


IN Strategy
Sometimes You Just Need to Get Punched

I love this excerpt from a recent New York Times interview with Amy Schumer where she was asked: “What’s the best book you’ve ever received as a gift?” Whether you like her comedy or not, her reference to The Professional pulls out an inherent truth…


Work We've DoneView Case Studies
International Mining Company

Developing Teamwork in Uncertain Times

A multinational mining company needed assistance with team alignment. With our help, their project team learned how to operate at peak performance, an exercise that saw immediate benefits and created trust.


Trevali Mining Corporation

Digging Up the Real Strategy

Facing rapid change, the senior management team of a natural resources company needed help developing a plan to guide the company's growth. Our work with them resulted in a cohesive strategic plan that received Board endorsement.


Maple Leaf Foods

Feeding Creativity for Innovation

A food manufacturing company's senior leadership team wanted to learn creative problems solving techniques. Using learnings from our experiential workshops, the team increased employee engagement and improved innovation.