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The Challenge

Trevali Mining, a natural resource company with operations in Canada and Peru, had experienced rapid transformation. Positive markets and strategic acquisitions meant the organization was ready for serious growth, and the senior leadership team needed support in strategy development.

Our Approach

We led a one-and-a-half-day workshop, where we taught the senior leadership team about our strategic planning framework, helped them identify key components of the plan and identified short- and long-term priorities. We then provided one-on-one coaching to ensure alignment, and prepared the whole team for their presentation to the Board of Directors.

  • "83% of organizations don't have confidence in rising leaders at their firms."
    Harvard Business Review
The Results

The company has a practial, meaningful plan endorsed by the Board and the senior leadership team. The plan informs operational goals right down to individual performance levels.

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Faced with volatile markets and immense change, this mining organization needed strong leadership to unify the corporate culture and manage a long-term growth strategy. We worked across the organization to develop a custom leadership development program that united the culture and created a growth vision embraced by all.


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