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The Challenge

Santander Group, a commercial bank and financial services company based in Spain with operations around the world, in 2015 launched a cultural transformation in the organization embedding three core values: Simple, Personal and Fair. Santander Chile, the first bank to pilot the change in Latin America, engaged our change management and cultural transformation expertise to promote the CEO's vision.

Our Approach

We held a two-day program with the Corporate HR team on how to facilitate cultural change. We then introduced a three-day World Café experience connecting 600 people from across the different levels of the organization. The Santander Cultural Café was a safe place where employees in a connected collaborative process could sense make together around the three new core values, generating ideas ideas and connections, sending a strong message on how this corporate kick-off was actually a reflection of the aspired cultural shift.

  • "Everyone had a say in what the future of the company should look like."
The Results

Armed with 200+ new ideas from the World Café process, Santander Chile later on developed a specific set of initiatives that supported the business with visible quick wins which set a base and roadmap for the required cultural shift they have been implementing until today.

Employee Engagement
Engaging all levels of employees across the company to define their new culture meant there was immediate buy-in to the change. A sense of ownership was instilled and embraced.
Clear Vision
We created a straightforward roadmap for HR to use throughout the change management process to facilitate their cultural evolution.

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