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Google “cost of conflict in the workplace” and you’ll receive in excess of 28,000,000 results. The reason is straightforward: conflict is an everyday occurrence, and it’s expensive!  In Canada and the US, employees average 2.5 non-productive hours per week due to conflict (2008 CPP Global Human Capital Report). Compound this with a world where people increasingly need “more hours in a day” and the cost of conflict has a significant economic impact on business. 


Now, imagine if you could harness the energy of conflict into something productive. Think about the enhanced efficiency of people slicing through the chaos of misplaced emotions and assumptions. Consider the increased performance if the person everyone avoids is fully incorporated into the team. Contemplate the economic impact if the distractions of conflict are reduced.

In The Refinery’s Leading Through Conflict workshop, we will equip your leaders with the tools and knowledge to not only manage conflict, but to use it as a way to make better decisions and improve performance.

In our one-day workshop, participants will:

  • Learn about their own and others’ conflict styles, and their comfort level in managing conflict
  • Learn how to separate facts from assumptions and emotions, to generate clarity and agreement
  • Explore the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy conflict
  • Learn how to move from positional stalemate to a productive understanding of interests
  • Determine practical next steps to bring the lessons-learned back to work
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