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As the pace of change escalates, organizations simultaneously face a mounting inability to predict what those changes will be. In other words, what got you here won’t get you there. Welcome to the VUCA world. Increasingly, Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity throw wrenches into our best laid plans. Best practices based on the “tried and true” no longer work. 


Decisions carry greater risk due to relentlessly changing information. Now more than ever, business success requires leaders that are agile, create clarity, build understanding, and have a clear vision of where they are headed.

In The Refinery’s Leading in a VUCA World workshop, we pull the acronym apart through a combination of theory, discussion, and activities. We arm leaders in your company with the understanding and tools needed to lead and thrive in today’s – and tomorrow’s – business environment.

In our one-day workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how VUCA can impact decision making ability
  • Learn what “triggers” can reduce performance and ways to manage them
  • Learn how to bring structure to complex business environments and establish focus
  • Explore the characteristics of different types of systems that impact your business
  • Learn how to build clarity and alignment out of confusion and disorder
  • Determine practical next steps to bring the lessons-learned back to work
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    At The Refinery, we accelerate the development of the leadership you need to achieve your organization’s full potential in a rapidly changing business world.
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