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In business today, there is a growing need to provide solutions for problems never experienced before. Or… to create new approaches to existing markets to remain current. Or… to generate new ideas faster, to get out ahead of the competition and open new markets. We all know this – it’s painfully obvious to any business leader. So why do so many companies continue to stumble with manifesting true innovation? 

Simply put, we are “hard-wired” to approach new challenges with safe, “proven” solutions rather than looking to new possibilities.  As a result, the business landscape is littered with companies that fell behind because a lack of innovation caused them to lose relevance to the market. However, that can change; innovation can become more than just a buzzword in your company.

If you google Design Thinking you will get over 24 million hits – a lot is being said about this as a way to unlock opportunities for innovation in a business. This human-centered, rapid prototyping approach has become the preferred choice of organizations who see innovation as a source of competitive advantage. Combining design thinking with real application and digital simulation, The Refinery’s Leading Innovation workshop challenges participants to flex their creativity to solve a realistic and complex design challenge. By stepping through the Leading Innovation process and stripping away the unnecessary, the simulation delivers the essentials so that participants can begin to bring real innovation into the work place.

In this half-day introductory workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of Design Thinking and its application in a business context
  • Apply tools and techniques to tackle a real design challenge in a no-risk environment
  • Understand their role as leaders to see new opportunities for innovation around them
  • Transform insights and data into actionable ideas
  • Learn to create and implement new solutions with business impact, faster and more effectively
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