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Organizations accomplish miraculous feats and it is through organizations that we tackle some of the biggest, most complex challenges we face as a society. This has never been more prevalent than now as we enter 2017. A pivot point in the life cycle of any organization is when its members are no longer working as one team. As organizations grow, they need to divide and conquer to handle complexity, reap economies of scale, and continue to be productive and profitable.

This is a necessary part of the evolution of organizations and those that make this transition well, will recognize the value of cross-functional collaboration. Those that don’t will find themselves mired in inefficiency, unhelpful conflict, and unproductive behaviours.

86% of employees and execs cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures –Fierce Inc. 

Using simulated experiences that incite typical organizational dynamics, The Refinery’s Getting Past “Us vs. Them” is an insightful, practical workshop that brings light to the challenges of cross-functional and cross-departmental collaboration. Participants will be equipped with tools to foster collaboration in their own teams and across organizational boundaries. Along the way, participants will reflect on their own behaviours that limit collaboration as well as environmental factors. They will walk away having practiced behaviours and having made concrete plans to apply their learning at work.

In our one-day workshop, participants will:

  • Understand their role as leaders to collaborate across organizational boundaries
  • Identify their own limiting beliefs and behaviours that get in the way of collaboration
  • Apply tools and techniques to foster collaboration back at work
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