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Initially, career success is often built on a high level of technical competence that is leveraged to manage a functional area or department. As an individual moves up to the executive level, their scope of responsibility increases beyond their specific area of expertise. Complexity also expands as relationships and activities require attention across a broader spectrum. To succeed, executives need to employ new ways of leading and let go of the behaviours that no longer serve them.


In The Refinery’s Executive Excellence: The First Step we create the platform that propels executives towards outstanding leadership performance. To ensure the learning fits your specific needs, each program is custom designed around a framework that incorporates:

  • A tailored learning experience designed to accelerate new leadership capacity
  • Multi-disciplinary coaching to support continued improvement
  • A deliberate practice plan to integrate ongoing development into daily work
  • Narrative 360s from key stakeholders on the executive’s leadership performance
  • Select assessments to drive awareness of critical developmental areas


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    At The Refinery, we accelerate the development of the leadership you need to achieve your organization’s full potential in a rapidly changing business world.
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