We live in a world where the only certainty is “what works today won’t work tomorrow.” The pace and volatility of change is simply too rapid to anchor on the “right way.” Companies are increasingly having to become more nimble to remain competitive. This agility requires people to continually unlock new skills and behaviours for their company to thrive in today’s market. So how do you make this happen?

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wbd_cTypically, organizations have their people participate in development programs in isolation of their day-to-day work. While this provides the foundational learning, more often than not the new skills fail to travel back to the workplace. Simply put, people do not use what they have learned and end up reverting back to old ways.

The Refinery has designed a new Work Based Development approach that:

  • Integrates development within the day-to-day needs of the business;
  • Makes an immediate impact on the business; and
  • Enables continuous improvement

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