We learn about you.

We take the time to thoroughly understand the client’s business objectives. We ask probing questions, challenge perspectives and uncover nuances. This sets the foundation for what’s to come.


We identify opportunities

We distill complex business objectives into practical and powerful leadership development opportunities. Our solutions are always informed by these objectives and designed to move the business.


We build a learning solution with you.

We partner with key stakeholders to develop customized, real-world experiences that accelerate and broaden personal and professional development. These unique, inventive programs shift behavior and directly address the business objectives.


We elevate people to their true potential.

We provoke comprehensive, meaningful change in people. Through disruption, we stimulate a level of intellectual and emotional development that enables people throughout the organization to grow. They learn how to learn and sustain ongoing, measurable, performance improvement.

What it could look like

We work with you to build the program you need. Below are examples of approaches we have developed to transform leaders:

Who it will be for

  •  Graduates
  •  High Potentials
  •  First Time Leaders
  •  Frontline Leaders
  •  Senior Leaders
  •  Executive Leaders
We do more than just deliver a solution – we intervene and implement it.
Partnering for success

We work in close collaboration with our clients to deliver customized development. Together, we co-design a solution that is aligned with the clients’ strategy. Each solution is a combination of our client’s needs, industry leading research, the best adult learning techniques, and our experience ensuring the learning can be applied.

What our partners say: 

I could never bring that breadth and depth of expertise in house. So partnering with The Refinery has allowed us to bring all that to Return Path in a way that integrates with our cultures and our values and what’s important to us.

Angela Baldonero, SVP of People and Client Successes


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