Traditional leadership training is falling behind.
Meet The Refinery

Established in 2002, The Refinery is an international leadership development firm. We empower organizations to achieve unprecedented results by aggressively accelerating leadership development throughout their business.

We bring an alternative approach and highly progressive methods to leadership development. In partnership with our clients, we distill their business objectives into practical and powerful development opportunities. We employ non-linear thinking to produce disruptive strategies targeted at advancing learning, enhancing performance, and creating competitive advantages throughout the organization. These unique, customized, highly creative programs allow clients to optimize their people strategy and advance leadership development in order to realize business objectives and company vision.

Our purpose is to help people, organizations and society in general change their experience of work. We believe that work can and should be a highly rewarding and engaging human experience. That work is a place where we can be at our best. A place where we can find meaning and fulfillment beyond the completion of tasks. A place that promotes both personal and professional growth. And a place where we become better people because of the work that we do and the people that we do it with.

By aligning people to the business strategy; unifying culture, and creating the conditions for staff to develop and grow every day, we create the conditions in which success is inevitable.

At The Refinery, we are promoters of potential, champions of change and provokers of progress. Our experience and expertise springs from a diverse set of backgrounds, but we are united by a deep understanding of development, a passion for people, and a commitment to performance and results. We are surrounded by a global network of associates who share our beliefs and are all driven to transform the way the world works.


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