• Five Organizational Development Initiatives that Cost Almost No Money (and how to do them well)

    It might seem strange for a consulting firm to offer suggestions on how to develop management and leadership abilities in organizations and spend nothing … or at least very little.  While we do certainly want to engage with clients, we also want industry in general to get as smart as possible about development.  It only…

    January 23, 2012 • by The Refinery Leadership Partners • in Development
  • Why I’m an Entrepreneur

    Early in my journey as an entrepreneur, I discovered a quote which describes an entrepreneur as: “’A risk taker’ a man who braves uncertainty, strikes out on his own, and through native wit, devotion to duty, and singleness of purpose, somehow creates business and industrial activity where none existed before.” (1964 Collins, et al).  The…

    November 23, 2011 • by Barbara Ross-Denroche • in Opinion
  • Choose your words wisely.

    They say talk is cheap.  That may be so, but it can also be very costly. Just ask Goldman Sachs who got into deep doo doo for selling a security bankers described as a “shitty deal” in emails, and have since introduced a policy to curb profanity in electronic communication. Sure they want their 34,000…

    • by Valerie Nishi • in Development